Mariano Torrez, based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, creates music under the title of MOSTLY EMPTY; a name that came at a time where the artist felt he had not much left to give and was willing to put it all out there to freely express himself. 

Deeply personal experiences have allowed the artist to voice personal feelings through these songs. His songs evoke feelings experienced over multiple stages of his life, ranging from deep anger, doubt, regret, and hopefulness. 

Mostly Empty has three singles available on all digital platforms, “Anxiety”, “Fake Friends” & “After Life”. All songs are composed and arranged by Mariano, but they get their final sounds thanks to the collaboration of great friends such as Adam Davila and his amazing skills with the piano.

Longtime friend, Ignacio “Nacho” Molino, a 5-time Grammy Award-winning recording engineer is credited with mixing. Alongside, mastering engineer and 5-time Grammy nominee, Alex Psaroudakis. Both engineers are based out of Brooklyn, NY.